1. Mr. Vinay Gupte

    M.D. - Compserve Consultants
    True professionals with great taste in aesthetics ...that is how we would describe our experience with Bhima Builders. From start to finish, everyone was very professional and helpful. We were always updated with what was going to happen next in the building process. We would highly recommend anyone thinking about building a new home to seriously consider Bhima Builders and their team of professionals.

  2. Mr. Sandeep Inchnalkar

    Neuro Surgeon - Aster Aadhar
    It's been 6 months since I am staying in lifestyle, and almost a year and a half since I came in touch with the team. When I shifted to kolhapur from Mumbai , I was worried about a good quality accommodation and was in search of one, and then happened to meet Abhijeet and my search was over. Right from the beginning I was amazed to see the foresightedness and the idea of the whole construction, interior etc which he possessed. Not only that the entire process of booking, development, possession was so smooth that the fear of buiders in my mind disappeared. And I congratulate him and his team for the great work they did called lifestyle, and I and my entire family including my 6 yr old daughter r extremely happy staying here. I won't be surprised if he continues this way he can change the picture of kolhapur city, wish him good luck for the upcoming project.

  3. Mr. Santosh Sarudkar

    Being ‘ life style’ member feels very good while looking at the ambience and facilities provided. Amenities given are excellent in their part. Recreation facility, children’s play area along with landscaping gives pleasure to mind. Wishing best wishes to Bhima Group for better development of sites in future. Thanking you.

  4. Mr Neeraj Jaju

    Man! Am I glad to have chosen my first home to be that from “Abhijit Magdum”!!! We would not have put more trust in anybody as much as we could on Mr. Abhijeet Magdum and our trust in him was not misplaced. What was delivered to us was better than what was promised!! A hall mark of “Abhijit Magdum”. End product stands out and beats the old age cliché of “khud ka ghur banao” .Now it should read “Abhijit se khud ka ghur banwao”. The construction is top notch and quality is better than what we can do ourselves – the experience of building homes matters. Thanks to Abhijit Magdum ( AIM Reality )

  5. Mr. Vikrantsinh Kadam

    My dream has come true, I was in the process of looking out for a flat, when I approached Bhima Builders they offered me a flat in 'Aaikya Apartment',Tarabai Park, it is one of the most elite buildings in Kolhapur, equipped with all the modern facilities one can think of. Bhima Builders is the top construction company in Kolhapur today, they are totally transparent and fair in their dealing. Like many of there clients, I too am fully satisfied with Bhima Builders. If I am able to buy one more flat, it will certainly be with Bhima. Passion, sincerity, character, vision, transparency and above all to be the best amongst the best are some of the virtues and qualities they possess.

  6. Budhale Pariwar

    आपण कोल्हापूर मध्ये एक प्रतिष्ठित प्रकल्प “ लाईफ स्टाईल “ उभा करुन कोल्हापूरच्या फ्लॅट संस्कृतीची उंची खुपच उंचावली आहे, रविवार दि. ३१.५.२०१५ रोजी Get-to-gether निमित्त आम्ही कुटुबियांनी स्नेह भोजनाचा कार्यक्रम ठेवला होता, अनेक वेगवेगळे प्रतिष्ठीत व्यक्ती, नातेवाईक, मित्रमंडळी व वैयक्तिक बंगला असलेले त्या निमित्ताने आपल्या प्रोजेक्ट मधे आले होते. त्या सर्वांची प्रतिक्रीया एकच होती ………… आपण कोल्हापूर मध्येच आहोत असे वाटत नाही, एक वेगळ्याच विश्वात आल्या सारखे वाटतेय, “किती अप्रतिम प्रोजेक्ट आहे ……!” कुणाचा हा प्रोजेक्ट> किती छान बनवला आहे ….! हे Landscape, Clubhouse, Garden त्यामध्ये सर्वत्र असलेली light system हा प्रचंड मोकळा Space ….. ! वा …. ! सर्वकाही उत्कृष्ठच आहे …… ! इथ काही फ्लॅट शिल्लक आहे का ? खरच… मोरेवाडी येथे खुप वळणा वळणाचा येणारा रस्ता पार केल्यावर येणारा बंगला विकून आपल्याकडे फ्लॅट घेण्याचा घेतलेला निर्णय अतिशय, अचुक ठरला. येथे आपण माणसांना घर व निवांतपणा दिला आहेच, मग त्याच बरोबर मुक्या पक्षांनाही त्यांचा निवारा उपलब्ध करुन दिला आहे. शहराच्या अत्यंत मध्य वस्तीत पक्षांचा किलबिलाट, चिमण्यांचा चिवचिवाट पहायला मिळणे, कानी पडणे दुरापास्त झालेय, आपण मात्र Margin Money चा जास्त विचार ना करता शक्य तेथे भरपूर Plantation करुन घेतले आहे. दररोज सकाळी Children Play area, Club House मागे पक्षांचा किलबिलाट ऐकुन नैसर्गिक वातावरणात आल्याचा अवर्णनिय आनंद मनाला येतो. माणसांना घरे देण्याचे काम सर्वच बिल्डर्स करतात, पण शहरात पक्षी पाहण्याचा आनंद दुर्मिळ होत असताना, पक्षांना निवारा देण्याचे काम आपण करत आहात हे खुप पुण्याईचे काम आपणांकडुन प्रत्येक प्रकल्पात होत राहो. आपण आपल्या मनात सदैव माणसांबरोबर, पशु-पक्षांबद्दलचा जिव्हाळा असाच जिवंत राहो, हीच आपणांस विनंती. कोल्हापूरात नव्हे तर संपूर्ण महाराष्ट्रात आपला “आनंदी निवारा” देण्याचे सहकार्य वेगाने वाढत राहो. आपणाला प्रत्येक प्रोजेक्ट मध्ये याहीपेक्षा खूप प्रसिद्धी व प्रतिष्ठा सदैव मिळत राहो हिच ईश्वराजवळ मनःपूर्वक प्रार्थना.. आपणासही हार्दिक शुभेच्छा….. !!! बुधले परिवार