We Build our people. Because we build our strengths.


Our Strength


Our people are our gems. They love their work to the extent of passion. Qualified, highly trained and motivated workforce at BHIMA makes the day-to-day work a sheer joy. The organizational culture of BHIMA is such that employees of different talents merge easily into this work culture and form a stunning kaleidoscope.

Our Architects

Our designs speak a lot. It is the fantastic creative process that generates new designs. It is a wonderful camaraderie with our architects.

  1. Sunil Patil & Associates

    Mr. Sunil Patil is one of the leading architects in South Maharashtra. He has built solid reputation over years because of his superb designs and has definitely carved a niche. To quote his words: “BHIMA gives us total freedom to translate my ideas into reality. I would like to say that for each new project BHIMA provides us a fresh canvas on which we can paint whatever we want to paint. Innovation is the strong fiber of our relationship.”

  2. Mr. Prashant Kapadi

    Mr. Prashant Kapadi is an architect in South Maharashtra whose designs leave an indelible impression. His designs speak volumes about his amazing talent. Known for his captivating creativity, he has been associated with BHIMA for over fifteen years. As he says, “Working with BHIMA has been a marvelous experience. I have always enjoyed total freedom while creating designs for them. I always feel that we are never restricted while working for them. To talk about Abhijit Magdum, I would say that he has a passion for quality and innovation. And he expects that my designs reflect this innovation. He is a really good human being and I think that is a very important factor in business relationship.”